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Appointments For Dealerships

We did a calling campaign for Lucky’s Auto. We called a database of about 22,000 prospects. With one person calling we set 3-4 appointments per day. Our efforts generated several new income streams such as 1. Sales from Appointments. 2. Sales from the increased traffic we created. 3. Sales from referrals. 4. Sales from our tickler file of people who plan to purchase in the future. 5. Car servicing appointments.


1 Call Does It All has helped dozens and dozens of Real Estate sales people by setting up qualified appointments that purchased. 1Call does the grunt work of cold calling to find those people who need our client’s services so they can spend more time on high priorities like making presentations and closing sales!

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We have called for all kinds of insurance successfully. Car insurance is one popular category. About half of the people do not have any car insurance and know they should by law. Medical insurance is another popular product. 1Call can sift through thousands of prospects in a week to filter out the yes’s.