How long does it take to get started?

Once your project has been funded we can begin within 2 days to 2 weeks typically

What’s your return policy?

It takes time, money and energy to consult with you and tailor-make a calling campaign for you. Most of the work is done on the front end. Therefore there is no return policy

What list do you use?

If you have a list we can call it or if you prefer we can generate a list of prospects that are most likely to say “yes.” We work together to come up with the ideal prospect profile and go to our database and sift and sort it to produce a good list.

Do I need to purchase a script for you?

A good script can be worth thousands of dollars. You can use your own script however we have scripts that have been tried and tested, tuned and tweaked to perfection. Our professional Script Writer has 44 yrs. experience to serve you. We know what works and want to get the best results possible for you. We will work together to create the ideal script that gets results! The cost is typically just $100.