Talented Telemarketers

We have Professional, Experienced and Talented Callers that know how to connect with people and get the job done! These days you need callers that do not sound like telemarketers. Our people overcome those barriers.

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Expert Marketing Strategies

Calling without Experienced Professional Consultation is a waste of money. You need a telemarketing campaign tailored to your needs. Our Expert Marketing department will give you the advice you need.

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Time Management

Keep your sales people spending their valuable time closing sales instead of other time consuming less profitable activities. We will help them use their time for the most profitable activity, talking to high quality interested prospects.

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How we achieve success for you.

1 Call Does It All gives you everything you need in one place. We are known for getting results. One of our clients said he is closing 72% of our leads! To do that you need an experienced mature individual running your calling campaign. Our Consultant has 44 years of award winning experience.

Our success formula includes detailed professional reporting each day. We also record every conversation. This helps us to perfect the calling as we go along. Our Expert Marketing Consultations, Detailed Reporting, Targeted List made up of your ideal prospects, Professional Script writing and Telemarketers all combined insures your success!

We treat everyone like family. We love creating success with our new friends. We have been listed in the top ten Telemarketing Companies in the world. Give us an opportunity to show you why. See our testimonial page for proof.

We specialize in helping all types of companies. Real Estate, Insurance, Truck and Auto Dealers, Roofers, Entrepreneurs with all kinds of businesses, Investors raising capital for oil wells, film making, inventions and other things. No matter what the job you have, we can help you.

Our sales skills are transferable, meaning we are able to transfer our success from one industry to another. If you can sell one thing you can sell another. The only difference is product knowledge and that can be obtained.

Give us a call and let’s talk about your probable ROI and guarantees you can count on.

Everyone is tired of Robo-Calls!!

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